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Updated: May 7, 2018

Friday Night after a few drinks with the work gang, I ended up chez une amie and bloody hungry. The hunger was far from sudden, but became an increasing annoyance the longer I travelled. So I called mon amie with a genius plan, I asked for three ingredients and planned to make an awesome quick and simple main based on whatever she desired here’s how the convo went:

Me: I’m bloody hungry, i’m gonna come round and cook us summat, give me three ingredients and I’ll take it from there.
Mon amie: Mmmm sounds good, but I don’t know I haven’t really eaten today so I’m quite hungry too…Vanilla.
Me: Vanilla, are you serious? doooooooooooooo (Phone hangs up)

The hanging up of the phone was due to the train going through a tunnel, quite frankly the tunnel did my dirty work. I was famished and not about to cook a dessert or daring vanilla based main. Unbeknownst to her, my need for food was more immediate than that! So I continued on to the supermarket and picked up the below ingredients which caught my eye:

2 lamb leg steaks 1 Red bell pepper 1 Pomegranate 1 pack of mini flour tortillas 1 lime bunch of flat leaf parsley bunch spring onions Fresh red chillis
From pantry: Ground coriander, cinnamon stick, red wine, salt, pepper, olive oil, garlic granules
  1. Squeeze half a lime and a drizzle of red wine over the lamb, season generously with black pepper, salt, garlic granules & ground coriander.

  2. Prepare your veg, cut the pepper in thin strips and do the same with spring onions. chop the pomegranate in half, keep one and deseed the other by tapping on the back with the back of a kitchen knife.

  3. Frying pan on high heat, add a tiny olive oil, add steaks. After 4 mins on one side flip, after 30 secs, squeeze in the other half of pomegranate juice through your hands to catch any tumbling pips. Once squeezed, crumble the cinnamon stick into the pan and cook steaks for a further 2 mins. Set lamb aside to rest. Discard any cinnamon bark and slice lamb after 5 mins.

  4. Heat tortillas as desired and serve this beauty with a bit of yoghurt. The pomegranate will explode in your mouth, and the fresh chilli will give a nice kick. Enjoy mes amis!

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